Puppy <3

Hello Internet Friends!

Last Saturday, I got a puppy!

Story time:

My boyfriend has never really been a pet person because he begins to get itchy all over when he is exposed to any type of animal. On the other hand, I LOVE dogs! I’ve always wanted one. So I’ve always had that in the back of my head and so has he.

So one evening, I found a cute Siberian Husky that needed a home. I instantly fell in love with this dog. I showed the image to my boyfriend and he said was, “Let’s get it.”

In shock! The first thing that came out of my mouth was, “Please don’t play with my emotions. You know I’ve always wanted a dog.” He nodded. He said ask to see if the owner still has the puppy. So I contacted the owner and our cute little puppy was still available!

In one week, I bought all the things we needed. I didn’t sleep for that whole week. I counted the days. Prior to buying everything, I had done a lot of research on this breed. I watched many YouTube videos, researched and read article on what to expect.

February 27, 2016: We picked up our sweet puppy. It was everything I imagined. She was sweet and gentle.

Meet Arya 

Born January 6, 2016

Weighs about 11lbs

Currently 8 weeks old

Meet Arya



We are excited to have her be part of our family! We love her so much! If you would like to see more pictures of her, follow her doggy Instagram @love.arya.the.husky

If you own a dog and/or a husky, I would love to hear any tips you have or advice!



Happy Valentine’s Day

Yesterday I traveled to Orange County to visit my family. Before heading out, my brother, my love and I went to go see Deadpool. It was a good and funny movie, BUT it’s not your typical “super hero” film (not for kids). Anyway, we decided to see it at a fancy theater called, iPic Theaters. It was my brother’s first time going there.  If you live in SoCal, Yelp it, and you’ll see what I’m talking about 😉

We went to the Pasadena location. I forgot how beautiful Old Town Pasadena is. Love the vibe. The theater was centrally located around restaurants and shops. There really is everything for everyone. You love movies, you have a fancy theater in one place. Need to pick up some home items? There is a Crate & Barrel. Need to do some shopping? There is a GAP, Forever 21, Athleta and other cute small boutiques. Heck, there also a MAC store if you need to buy a new lipstick.

The best part of Old Town Pasadena, the lovely brick walls. You know what that means….Outfit of The Day pictures.lol

Untitled design (1)Untitled design



Valentine’s Day to me is all about sharing your love with others. I had a great day with my family! Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

Thank you to everyone who has shown great support on the blog! I appreciate everyone for taking the time to like and comment! ❤


It’s Friday!


Hey friends! I wanted to share an outfit of the day. I work in a office environment but I’m lucky enough to wear what I like everyday. One day I can wear some black skinnies with a blazer and the next day I can go wearing something like today, casual.

I’m really into wearing black right now. I find myself buying black clothing. However, I think it’s time to do some spring/summer shopping, but for now we’ll stick to wearing black 😉


Nail ArtUntitled design

What is your current clothing obsession right now? Leave a comment down below letting me know what it is!

Have a great weekend!


Hello 2016



Hey guys!

Its been too long since I’ve blogged. Between the last time I blogged and now, a lot has happen in my life. I graduated from university, bought a house and currently working as a Social Media Manager for an awesome company. It’s a dream job. I went through a lot of trials as well, but let’s focus on the positive side of things 😉

I missed blogging- I missed connecting with all of you. I appreciate all of you who still follow the blog and follow my other social media sites!

This year, I want to make it a great year of fun blogging. My only resolution for this year is to take out my camera more and share how beautiful the world is.

Let’s make this a great year!

Susana 😁



First Day of School Outfit 2

Hello Lovely Readers! We are getting closer and closer to going back to school. I know many of you are shopping for a new wardrobe or trying to restyle some of your wardrobe pieces! I love this outfit because it’s so effortless. I love Chambray, I can wear it all year round! Since many of you start in August, it’s still kind of hot outside. So show off those tan legs with a pair of shorts. On your first day of school, you really don’t do anything besides show up and go over the course syllabus. So I always suggest on the first day of school to take a nice big purse that can fit your laptop/tablet, a pair of writing utensils, and a notebook to jot down some important information. Dream Big and make this school year the best school year!

Back to School/College Outfit 1

Hello Lovely Readers! It’s back to school season! I graduated college already and I kinda miss it! LOL. This is the first outfit. This is a great outfit if you are a casual girl like me and love wearing comfy clothes but at the same time want to add some color to your wardrobe. You can never go wrong with your basic jeans and stripe t-shirt. I rarely used a back pack when I was in college. I really like the messenger bags. Don’t forget your pencils and paper to write your notes or send that cute boy a message. Oh wait, you guys just send a text message huh? lol..